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Protopic® treatment should be initiated by physicians with experience in the diagnosis and treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Protopic® is designed
for moderate to severe AD1

Protopic is designed for moderate to severe AD. Protopic both targets the inflammation and supports the repair of the defective skin barrier present within AD

Protopic targets inflammation+ Protopic supports repair of skin barrier2

Protopic® efficacy in action

Help patients know what to expect when they start treatment with Protopic®

face with atopic dermatitis before the application of Protopic ointment


skin improvements after applying Protopic cream

After 4 weeks

chest with severe atopic dermatitis


skin after appylying Protopic ointment

After 4 weeks

Images courtesy of Dr George Moncrieff and provided for illustrative purposes only. Images are of a representative individual atopic dermatitis patient and show face and chest areas. Individual results may vary.

Preparing your patients
for their Protopic® 0.1% treatment

  • 1 in 2 patients experienced some type of skin irritation at the site of application1

  • Burning sensation and pruritus were very common and tended to resolve within one week of starting treatment1

patient ready for Protopic treatment

Protopic® 0.1% delays time
to next flare when used proactively1

In a sub analysis of a pooled population of 153 patients
with moderate to severe AD treated with tacrolimus or vehicle1

illustration of Protopic effectiness and flare delay
For illustrative purposes only
Adapted from Protopic® Summary of Product Characteristics
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